“Taking Wal-Mart Shopping Cart for Ride” leads To Arrest


Joel Lee Crumley, 304 Rector, was arrested for Theft of Property over $1,000.

Hot Springs Police Officers Chapin and Riley were dispatched to 1601 Albert Pike in reference to a theft.

Upon arrival they made contact with the Asset Protection Employee for Wal-Mart, and were told that a male had taken a mechanized shopping cart, valued at $1,065, off the property.

Officers located a man, later identified as Crumley, riding the mechanized cart at the intersection of Albert Pike and Richard Street.

The report stated that Crumley admitted taking the cart off the property but advised “he was not stealing the shopping cart, just taking it for a ride”.


One Response to “Taking Wal-Mart Shopping Cart for Ride” leads To Arrest

  1. DJ Griffith Reply

    April 25, 2013 at 4:08 pm

    How old is he again??? 12??? Probably on government assistance with no job too!

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