Malvern Woman Electrocuted Following Copper Wire Theft Gone Wrong

A Malvern woman is dead following what police say was a copper theft attempt gone wrong.

The incident occurred Monday morning, when police say 23-year-old Ashley Heinzen and her boyfriend, 53-year-old Gerald Martin tried to cut portions of copper wire from a power station on Darby Lane in Hot Spring County.

Martin told investigators Heinzen electrocuted herself, and he brought her back to their house where she died. Martin was arrested after investigators found cutting tools and exposed electrical wire at the Halliburton Baroid Mine Pump Station.

Copper thefts are becoming more popular around the state, according to officials at Entergy.

“We’ve seen incidences on a weekly basis. The cost has run into hundreds of thousands of dollars,” said Greg Aswell, a Regional Customer Service Manager. “Over time, the people that pay for this are all of our Entergy customers.”

Lieutenant Chuck Barker with the Hot Spring Co. Sheriff’s Office said his staff takes each of these crimes very seriously. ¬†Criminals caught with any amount of stolen copper wire will be charged with a felony.




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  1. Chuck Chatham Reply

    July 11, 2013 at 4:31 pm

    Good for the Hot Springs Co sheriffs department.

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