Kirby Williams Speaks To HotSpringsDaily About The Change In City Government Special Election (Watch Video)

The Save Our City Committee is a group of community leaders organized to defeat a proposition to revert the city of Hot Springs from the professional City Manager form of
government back to a paid Mayor/Aldermen form.

A Special election has been called for May 14th.

Early voting opens May 7.

Williams stated, “It’s very important that people get out and vote. Usually there is a low tournout for special elections.”

Click on the link below for more information from Kirby Williams.


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Precient Number Poll Location Street
1-B / C / D / F / G / H J M N; 13D AR School for Math & Science 200 Whittington
2-K / M / S Webb Center 127 Pleasant
1-R / W / 2-N / P / R Bates Community Church 419 McClendon
2-A / B / C / D / E / F / G / H / J; 3-T / U / V / W / X / Y; 5-A Prince of Peace Lutheran Church 109 Hobson
3-C / E / G / N / P / R / S / 4-A / B; 9 S; 10 M Fairdale Baptist Church 700 Richard St.
4-C / D; 5-B / C Oaklawn First Church of God 2110 7th St.
4-F / G / 5-D / 6S First Church of the Nazarene 3804 Central Ave.
1-S / T / U / V; 2-T; 6-A / B / C / D / F / G Nat’l Park Assembly of God Church 1901 Malvern
5-M / R; 6-H; 7E The Grove Church 1010 Shady Grove Rd.
All Absentee – County Courthouse 501 Ouachita
All Early Voting Election Commission 649 Ouachita




One Response to Kirby Williams Speaks To HotSpringsDaily About The Change In City Government Special Election (Watch Video)

  1. Jock MacGregor Reply

    May 2, 2013 at 7:54 am

    One party rule for over 125 years had much more to do with the corruption in Hot Springs than the form of government. Power in the hands of a few invariably leads to abuse of that power and the corruption that comes with the abuse. The problem with the current form of government is that it is based on the efficient (theoretically) use of government power to direct the people into the proper sustainable life choices (group government) instead of government providing a safe environment; a functioning infrastructure and the freedom to develop ones abilities to their highs form (self-government).
    The current progressive regime has stagnated the economy for the average citizen, diminished the City’s infrastructure and standard of living; inreased the crime rate and increased taxes; increased government cost a rate much greater than the population growth (negative growth) and much greater than the private sector growth (anemic if not negative) with the result that Hot Springs has Progressed into the 7th poorist City in the Country.
    Vote FOR a better future, vote FOR a government “of the people, by the people and for the people”. Vote FOR a chance for the average citizen to make his/her life better. Vote FOR the Mayoral/Aldermen government. Most importantly Vote.

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