Garland County Deputies Arrest Five In Burglary Ring

Brandon Lloyd Huggs

Buddy Lee Harris

Joshua Edward Boyette

Christopher Allen Newton

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Garland County Sheriff’s deputies arrested five men suspected of running a burglary ring over the last few weeks.

“We’re talking electronics, TVs just about anything a criminal thinks could hold some value on the street, they’re taking it,” said Deputy AJ Tart.

Deputies believe the burglars targeted homes, but also several storage units in Jessieville, stealing thousands of dollars in property.

“At this point we really don’t have a reason why, other than they were leading a life of crime,” Tart said. “But it feels good to know our deputies have worked countless hours to catch these people. Now we’re working to return all this property to the people who have reported it stolen.”

Surveillance photos and videos played a role in the arrests, and Tart suggests prospective storage unit renters consider what security is on site when they go to pick out a property to rent.

“Surveillance can be a big help if something is stolen,” Tart said. “But you can make it more difficult for someone to make you a victim by keeping a close tally and list of what’s in your storage unit and checking it regularly. If it’s been a week or so since you’ve been over there, it might be time to check in and make sure everything is in order. ”

The investigation into what deputies are calling a burglary ring is ongoing, and according to Deputy Tart more charges could come for those already behind bars and additional arrests could be made as well.


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