12 Tornadoes In Arkansas For 2013

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), two tornadoes touched down in southern Arkansas at the end of last week, bringing the Natural State’s total to 12 so far in 2013.

The NOAA says an EF1 tornado caused some tree damage in Ashley County near Crossett last Thursday, while an EF0 tornado touched down in an open field in Chicot County near Eudora.

Ashley County’s tornado had a path length of 4 miles, and the path of the tornado in Chicot County was measured at 0.4 miles.

The NOAA sasys some bogus photos were passed around social media sites last week. A wall cloud and a funnel cloud were photographed near Mountain View and the pictures were passed around as having been taken at Horseshoe Bend, according to the NOAA.

An out-and-out fake picture made the rounds in Oklahoma on April 17, as someone took a legitimate picture from 2004 and edited the picture so that it appeared the phenomenon was over Lawton, Okla. (see below). The NWS office in Norman, Okla. caught the fake and posted the results on both Twitter and Facebook.


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